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Creative Solutions for Title 24 Compliance

The California Title 24 Green Building Standards Code imposes mandatory energy efficiency requirements for nonresidential buildings as of July 2014. These standards identify numerous opportunities where controlling space temperaturelighting and plug loads will result in a substantial reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions.

Telkonet is the answer to energy efficiency compliance by achieving a balance between energy efficiency and occupant comfort. By intelligently controlling the temperature and plug loads in unoccupied spaces, Telkonet’s EcoSmart system allows a facility to decrease energy usage without a negative impact to occupant comfort. 

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Smart Switches

Utilize a smart light switch as the first switch (or “relay”) in the lighting and plug load circuit. When the smart thermostat occupancy sensor detects the room is unoccupied, it wirelessly controls the switch to deactivate the circuit.

Telkonet’s EcoSwitch stops the flow of electricity to lights; conserving electricity that would have been wasted on an unoccupied space. It operates as a standard light switch, yet it has sophisticated energy management and reporting capability.

Paired with and of the Smart Telkonet Thermostats and other occupancy sensing technology to further improve your properties experience.

Let the Thermostat Help

When lighting and HVAC occupancy sensors are combined, it results in reduced installation expenses and increased green energy savings. 

Telkonet’s Thermostats come equipped with best-in-class occupancy sensing technology with ultra-sensitive wide-angle passive infrared and active IR detection. No more false readings: the EcoInsight+ will not switch to unoccupied mode when your guest is sleeping and it will not remain in an occupied mode when vacant.

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Smart Light Switch Controller

For properties not looking to change their current interior design, it can be difficult to find light switches that are not only in keeping with a property’s brand standards, but that are also “smart”.

With the EcoInput, turn any light switch into an intelligent energy management device with an EcoInput managed controller. Brand standards, or aesthetic considerations, can dictate the specific light switches featured in guest rooms. When you wire an EcoInput controller inline with the switch, you now have an intelligent, managed light switch.

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