Title 24 Compliance

As a clean energy company, we help clients decrease operating expenses, reduce carbon footprints and improve sustainability with green technology. The Telkonet intelligent automation platform is supported by a full suite of IoT-connected devices that provide building operators with in-depth energy usage analytics. This information can be used to deploy targeted solutions that dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve facility management and efficiency with measurable results.

The California Title 24 Green Building Standards Code imposes mandatory energy efficiency requirements for nonresidential buildings as of July 2014. These standards identify numerous opportunities where controlling space temperature, lighting and plug loads will result in a substantial reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions.

Telkonet is the answer to Title 24 compliance by achieving a balance between energy efficiency and occupant comfort. By intelligently controlling the temperature and plug loads in unoccupied spaces, Telkonet’s EcoSmart system allows a facility to decrease energy usage without a negative impact to occupant comfort.

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