Actionable Data

What does “Actionable Data” mean? It’s more than a simple industry buzzword. We take this term seriously. We encourage you to do the same.

A powerful energy management platform extracts REAL data, then takes it one step further by analyzing that data. That enables YOU to take appropriate action. When data is extracted in real time, you’re empowered to act quickly to correct, or improve, current trends.

Actionable Data: HVAC Systems Forced Off

Action: Devices which run non-stop are forced off at a certain point. There are a variety of reasons a device can be forced off. For example, it might be an indication of a device that is failing, or of a patio door that was left open.

Actionable Data: Runtime Data-Devices with the Highest and Lowest Runtimes

Action: Again, could be indicative of units requiring maintenance. Visit the rooms listed on the report, investigate the possible causes (for example, dirty filters).

Actionable Data: The Most and the Least Efficient HVAC Devices

Action: Perhaps it’s simply a matter of room location. Switch out the overworked devices in those sunny rooms with the ones in shady rooms.

Actionable Data: Rooms by RH%

Action: Identify which rooms have a humidity problem. High humidity is an insidious and potentially expensive problem. It’s important to stay on top of it before humidity causes irreversible damage.

Actionable Data: Real-time Occupancy

Action: Your maintenance team plans room visits around occupancy status, so they do not disturb guests.

Actionable Data: Thermostat Calibration

Action: Identify calibrations higher than 4%. Investigate the possible reasons. It’s quite possibly a sign of a more serious issue that you can address before it becomes an expensive and time-consuming fix.

Actionable Data: Temperature vs. Setpoint

Action: Identify rooms with wide variations between temperature setpoint and actual room temperature. Plan room visits. If there’s a wide variation, something is amiss.

Actionable Data: EMS Devices with Low Batteries:

Action: Change only those batteries that need to be changed rather than changing all batteries based on a schedule.

Actionable Data: EMS Devices Offline

Action: Identify which devices are offline and troubleshoot without having to enter a guest room.

Actionable Data: Devices with Active Alerts

Action: Troubleshoot online without having to disturb your guests.

A feature-rich energy management system offers hidden gems of information. Use it to prolong the life of your HVAC equipment, streamline tasks and delight your guests.

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