Bluetooth, BLE Technology Crowding Out Zigbee Channels




In hospitality, the use of Bluetooth and BLE in panic system deployments and mobile key-enabled locks is growing.

Because of this, we are seeing increased traffic on Zigbee channels 15 and 26 in some hotels. (We typically recommend using Zigbee channels 15, 20, 25, and 26 for ZigBee-enabled devices.)

Our electrical engineers recommend that you avoid programming a Zigbee coordinator with Zigbee Channel 15 or 26 if there are Bluetooth devices near the coordinator location that are already using channel 15 or 26.

As a more proactive approach to avoiding system interference, we recommend investing in a tool like wiSPY. wiSPY is a portable device that can be carried from job to job. It determines which channels are clear enough to be used for Zigbee traffic.

If you do not use a tool like wiSPY, and a property is already using BLE,  then only use channels 20 and 25 for Zigbee communication setup.

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