In Extreme Weather Can Your HVACs Maintain the Set Temperature?

Do your guest complaints increase during times of extreme outdoor temperature? Guests will aggressively raise or lower the thermostat settings in an effort to make the room more comfortable right away. You’ll want thermostats with the inherent ability to define maximum and minimum temperatures a guest can set, to avoid straining your HVAC systems in such a way.

Straining Your HVACs

Even if guests aren’t setting extreme temperature setpoints, HVAC systems can be strained trying to maintain set temperature. Solutions can be as easy as replacing dirty air filters, or running coil cleaner through the fan coil systems.

There’s a way to head these complaints off at the pass, and help provide your guest with a comfortable stay. Using an energy management system, you can monitor such data as set point differential (the difference between what the thermostat is set at and the actual temperature of the room). Then you can schedule a visit to the room when it’s unsold or at least unoccupied.

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