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The EcoInsight+ is the next-generation intelligent thermostat and room automation controller within the EcoSmart energy management platform. Providing advanced occupancy, light and humidity sensing for enhanced HVAC optimization though a Zigbee enabled router, making the EcoInsight+ "the brains" of the room.

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The EcoInsight+ has demonstrated its’ versatility and simple integration into an innovative controlled room environment.

Offering Telkonet’s Recovery Time technology for maximized savings and including a built-in humidity sensor providing a custom Refresh Cycle mode to ensure comfortable and well-managed rooms, the EcoInsight+ provides numerous leading features built on Telkonet’s core EcoSmart product line to ensure added value and savings to owners.

Providing compatibility with the widest variety of HVAC systems and offering the ability to install on any property from 12V to 277V power, the EcoInsight+ ensures that installation will be quick and simple and provide an uninterrupted experience for guests.

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The EcoInsight+ Vanity Plate is available for installations that require coverage of a larger wall cutout than the footprint of the EcoInsight+ provides. The Vanity Plate may be purchased to mount on the wall in order to mount the EcoInsight+ cleanly and unobtrusively to the guest.

The EcoInsight+ is provided with a low voltage wire harness, for voltages above 24V and below 277V, a replacement High Voltage Wire Harness would be required to support high voltage applications.

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Hilton EcoInsight+

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