Control Humidity

Control Humidity

Telkonet has the most effective and reasonably priced humidity control option on the market. Our platform can measure AND control humidity, and our highly calibrated occupancy sensors play a pivotal role in aggressively driving down humidity while guests or occupants are away.

Fresh outside air keeps a building and its occupants healthy. In fact, outside air ventilation is a code requirement in many municipalities. However, pulling in fresh air sometimes means pulling in humid air.

Excessive humidity promotes insidious microbial growth in wall cavities, furniture, carpeting, tile grout. It creates an unpleasant musty odor. Resulting health issues range from minor coughing to serious lung infections in those with compromised immune systems. In the hospitality industry, it can cost you your customers’ brand loyalty.

The cost to repair mold damage and prevent its return can be astronomical.

Room Eco Air-Sight Halfcrop

Humidistats are components that measure humidity, and ours is the only platform on the market that includes humidistats as a standard feature.  

The EcoSmart platform effectively measures AND controls humidity. It’s a more affordable solution than upgrading to pricey HVAC models featuring built-in active dehumidification. 

Our trump card is the “Refresh Cycle”, a sustained cooling drive that’s active while a room is unoccupied. So your guests will remain comfortable AND humidity is reduced.

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