Creative Lighting Solutions Using Title 24

California Title 24 is a series of energy efficiency mandates for roofing, insulation, windows, lighting, and HVAC systems.

Title 24 is relevant to all of us. It has iterated into something well beyond its original scope in the state of California. It’s now considered the gold standard of U.S. energy efficiency.

In fact, California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards exceed the energy savings expected from the commercial building requirements of ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.12013.

Some of the greatest impacts on the implementation of Title 24 lighting requirements have been through creative industry-driven solutions. Here’s one solution we see regularly:

Smart Thermostat, Smart Light Switch, and More

Utilize a smart light switch as the first switch (or “relay”) in the lighting and plug load circuit. When the smart thermostat occupancy sensor detects the room is unoccupied, it wirelessly controls the switch to deactivate the circuit.

In such applications, it installs and looks just like a conventional wall switch, but without the need for additional control wiring costs or expensive NEMA control boxes, while performing up to 15 Amps of 120 VAC lighting and plug load control.

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