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When students are in session, they aren't always in their dorm room. Their room can sit unoccupied 65% of the time. There’s only one way to create true energy savings: using an occupancy-based energy management system.

We know this has been said before, but we can prove it!

College & University Campus Energy Management, Higher-Ed, BMS, EMS, Energy ManagementWhat your free demo will provide your dorms.

Telkonet will come and install our thermostats in two of your dorm rooms to show what true energy management savings look like. Featuring our revolutionary EcoInsight+, your Telkonet demo rooms will be gathering data to show you how much of an impact our energy management system can have on your properties.

This one-of-a-kind demo opportunity will not only allow you to see the data that is gathered by each and every one of our devices, but how the data provides savings, and an average 3 year ROI.

The EcoInsight+

An intelligent thermostat that serves as the room automation controller within the EcoSmart energy management system to save energy and maximize guest comfort.

The EcoInsight+ provides all expected functionality from a networked energy management thermostat such as advanced occupancy, light and humidity sensing for enhanced HVAC optimization.

This Zigbee HA (Home Automation) compliant device simplifies 3rd party integration by serving as a ZigBee-enabled router, communicating wirelessly with the other EcoSmart devices in the network.

Gain Access next-level data

The EcoSmart technology deployed in each room is generating considerable amounts of data about the status and performance of each controlled space. This data comes to life through EcoCentral.

Intelligent thermostats, occupancy sensors, door and window contacts, switches and outlets form a network to communicate information between rooms, floors, and buildings. Each device functions as a wireless repeater, enabling the thermostats to communicate with each other and aggregate data, the core of an EcoSmart network.

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