Do Energy Management Systems Even Work?

We love this question: “Do energy management systems even work?”

Our response? Absolutely, they work! They will:

  • successfully reduce utility usage,
  • streamline facilities management,
  • provide engaging guest experiences.

Why the Bad Rap?

A common complaint about EMS systems is that they prompt the HVAC to shut off while guests or occupants are asleep and motionless. Today, there is no reason an energy management system should be incapable of detecting sleeping occupants.

This still happens if the EMS is employing outdated occupancy detection technology. A false “unoccupied” status is likely to occur at some point if they only detect motion.

Another common problem is the sensors are positioned where they can’t possibly detect a sleeping occupant.

What’s the Key?

Make sure your energy management system is using the most current occupancy detection technology; that it uses light sensors, motion sensors and heat sensors. Complementary door contacts or external sensors might also help, in large or multi-room spaces.

Energy management systems save the most energy in unoccupied spaces. How often are your spaces unoccupied? If your space is like most hotel rooms, military barracks and student housing, they’re empty up to 70% of the day!

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