Reduce HVAC Runtimes. Reduce Energy. Reduce Labor.

Smart energy management platform leveraging intelligent occupancy sensing

EcoSmart helps us conserve energy and preserve the valuable relationships we have with loyal guests.

– Sandeep Thakrar, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Neema Hospitality

Telkonet’s EcoSmart™ platform leverages intelligent occupancy sensing to reduce HVAC runtimes and energy consumption.

  1. Occupancy sensing limits HVAC runtimes to when guests and residents are there to benefit. Properties can experience up to 40% energy reduction
  2. A robust dashboard provides in-depth energy usage analysis and room analytics to drive smart decisions
  3. Staff labor is reduced significantly through smart occupancy detection
  4. Hospitality users may engage and delight guests by automating lighting, locks, and window treatments

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