Energy Reduction & Saving Solutions

The EcoSmart platform can help you save 25-45% on your energy bills. EcoSmart takes full advantage of times when spaces are not occupied, which can be up to 70% of the day for our product markets (hospitality, senior living, higher education and military housing). The PIR sensors in our thermostats and occupancy sensors are calibrated to extreme sensitivity, so there’s little risk of getting it wrong.

Temperature is allowed to drift during periods of vacancy. Perhaps lighting and plug loads are shut off as well.  The sequence of operations is all up to you, although Telkonet’s team of experts is happy to advise you on the best course of action for your property. When occupants return, temperature quickly returns to set point, and lighting and plug loads return to their previous state. Your occupants will likely not notice.

Are you interested in load shedding initiatives?

Our solution has helped other customers with their demand response programs, and we can help you as well. EcoCentral, our cloud-based command center, offers one-touch savings reports to quickly and easily monitor your savings, which will be significant. The typical ROI on our platform is 3 years.

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