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We’ve got something our competitors don’t have: 15+ years’ worth of real-time energy usage data. It is compelling evidence when qualifying for lucrative utility rebates and incentives.

Auditing is the latest trend in rebates. When utilities audit rebate applications, they typically ask us, “Where do you get your estimates?” The answer is simple: EcoCentral collects data on energy expenditure from every area of the country, every climate, every city where our products are installed.

Our data is widely accepted by utilities. Because you’re an EcoSmart customer, you have a better chance at qualifying for rebates.


Our energy usage data is a valuable tool in the rebate process. Your utility is going to perform a diligent review of projections and verify how this data is analyzed. We are quite familiar with this process, and we are happy to assist you with each step.

Let us help get the rebates you’re entitled to. 

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