Hello Door Contacts; Bye Bye, Silent Screams

Is your property located in a region with gorgeous weather? Even for part of the year? I bet you face this common problem: your guests throw open the patio doors with abandon. And then leave them open. They revel in the sunshine and warmth. Back and forth they roam, from patio to room and back to patio, with not a care in the world. Especially concerning the utility bill.

YOU care however. Conditioned air is rushing out the patio doors like your guests. But your guests come back in, the cool air doesn’t.

What if there was a way to automatically shut off the air conditioning if the patio doors remained open? In the EMS (energy management systems) world, small yet powerful door contacts can serve exactly this purpose. If a patio door or window remains open for a predetermined amount of time (60 seconds is common), the door contact can initiate any or all of the following events:

  • the air conditioning can shut off until the door or window is closed;
  • the thermostat can display a “door open” alert;
  • a “door open” alert can be emailed to texted to staff.

For our geeky technical friends, here’s the way it works: magnetic door contacts consist of a reed switch and a magnet. The reed switch is open by default. When the magnet is close enough, the reed switch closes. The closing of the switch triggers the sensor to send a signal to the EMS, which triggers any or all of those brilliant energy savings events we mentioned above.

Do you love it? We do!

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