HVAC Controls Shopping: “What is Your Occupancy Rate?”

Shopping for smart thermostats for your property is an investment in time, labor and funds. Your time investment begins with researching your options. If you haven’t purchased HVAC controls within the past few years, it might be an eye-opener. Options have expanded exponentially, quite possibly beyond what you even imagined.

A reputable HVAC controls representative should ask you a series of questions. Your answers will help him (or her) guide you to the thermostat solution that’s right for YOUR property and YOUR budget. You don’t want to be oversold, but you don’t want to miss out on any features that will:

  • save you energy,
  • streamline your process and
  • pay for itself.

In a typical introductory conversation, you might start by telling them your thermostats are getting old, and you’d like to replace them with a newer, energy efficient model.

A savvy HVAC controls company will ask you a series of questions, some of which may surprise you. Here’s a biggie:

“What is your occupancy rate?”

Occupancy detection technology is responsible for extraordinary energy savings because it takes advantage of unoccupied rooms. When no one is in the guest room, that’s when the temperature can be allowed to drift, dehumidification kicks in, lights can be shut off and energy vampire plug loads can be turned off.

Savings are highest when rooms are unoccupied. In order for the representative to estimate your potential energy savings, it’s helpful to have this information handy.

What do you think? Does this surprise you?

We’ve got loads of suggestions about questions you should be prepared to answer. Look for more soon.

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