HVAC Runtimes & Costs

Use EcoCentral, our cloud-based command center to monitor HVAC runtimes.

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Let’s say you want to assess the health of your HVAC equipment. You can run a report that ranks HVAC systems from highest to lowest runtime. From that data, you can schedule maintenance visits to assess the reasons. Is it just a filter that needs changing, or a symptom of something more serious? Perhaps you want to switch out HVAC systems from the sunny side of the building to the shady side, to prolong the life of some of your heavily used systems. That’s just a sample of the many actionable reports you can run in EcoCentral.

Here’s another way to save your HVAC systems AND save energy: install our smart door contacts that can alert you when patio doors or windows have been left open. Want more than just an alert? You can also configure the thermostat to display an alert and turn off (or turn back) the HVAC system until the door or window has been closed.

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