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Smart Thermostats & Energy Savings

Want to be energy efficient?

Smart Energy Management

Telkonet’s EcoSmart platform is uniquely flexible. Choose the devices that make sense for you today, then add intelligent equipment at any time. From our smart thermostats, plugs, switches and sensors, to our huge library of integrations, we bring energy savings and a user experience.

Perhaps you start out with a non-networked solution and add the network later. Or maybe down the road you integrate other devices, such as door locks, voice controls, TV’s…really most other available IoT devices for the full automation experience.  We’re a leader in custom integrations and integrate with a host of devices from other industry leaders.

We Rule Humidity

Humidity monitoring is standard on all Telkonet thermostats. Additionally, humidity control is possible on most HVACs, even if they aren’t currently capable of controlling humidity. Maintaining optimal humidity levels without inconveniencing your guests, and ensuring occupant comfort and environment health: keys to our success. 

When a room is unoccupied, our “Refresh Cycle” directs the HVAC system to activate cooling, driving humidity to the optimal RH level. Upon the guests return, the temperature quickly returns to their preferred set point. Our revolutionary humidity controls will maximize the benefit of your investment.

Proving Energy Savings

We are sitting on 15+ years’ worth of real-time energy usage data, a key piece for lucrative utility rebates and incentives.  Data is a valuable tool in the rebate process, and your utility provider is going to perform a diligent review of analysis and projections before approving your rebate request. 

Good thing EcoCentral collects and analyzes energy-expenditure data from every area of the country, every climate, every city we’ve installed in. Under strict scrutiny, utility providers have accepted our data analysis. This improves the chances that our customers will be rewarded all the rebates they’re entitled to. 

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“Telkonet is one of the leaders in our industry, providing virtually seamless integrations among IoT devices in hospitality. From smart thermostats and occupancy detectors, to integrations with major lock providers, PMS systems and beyond, Telkonet has their finger on the pulse of the future of IoT in the hospitality.”
Mike Blake, CEO
Hospitality Technology Next Generation

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