Join the IoT Love Train

People ‘round the world, if you haven’t hopped on the IoT love train, it’s time to join in.

The speed with which IoT products are being implemented in hospitality is breath-taking.

Hoteliers, you know that if your guests use a certain technology at the home, they’ll expect to use it at your hotel too. It’s time to get onboard.

What are the latest controllers to hit the hospitality market? Join in while we take a look.

Automated Check-In

Guests who download your loyalty app can skip the front desk, check in automatically via smart phone, then use their smart phones to unlock their doors.

Smart door locks recognize guest versus hotel employee entry, so guests are presented with “welcome scenes”. Hotel staff? Not so much. What we can do is turn the lights on for them, however. And then turn them off when they leave, just in case they forget.

Welcome Scenes

Integrating your hotel’s PMS with smart devices and energy management systems has huge benefits, from an energy savings standpoint as well as from a guest satisfaction standpoint.

As guests enter their rooms, lighting turns on. Smart TVs turn on and welcome guests, perhaps even by name. Perhaps lamps adjust to their personal preferences, based on how they used them during their previous stays. Other devices that can react based on occupancy or guest preferences include shades that can automatically open and close and thermostats that adjust temperature.

During Their Stay

Voice Control:  your customized device can take room service orders, change the TV channel, request a wake-up call, and more.

Change the TV channel from your mobile app. Consolidating technologies is practical and hugely popular, so using your mobile device to control multiple devices during hotel stays fits right into this idea.

Used room service trays that aren’t whisked away for hours end up being featured on negative Trip Advisor reviews. There’s a solution for that! Intelligent room service tray trackers alert staff when guests have moved their trays out to the hallway. Those used trays can ride on, ride on through, straight back to the kitchen.

Ditch those outdated DND/Make Up Room door cards. Adopt a system that takes care of requests with a push of a button.

And don’t forget smart plug loads that vanquish energy vampires when rooms are unoccupied. Energy vampires are appliances or devices that suck energy even when power is off. Eeek!

The Internet of Things will provide your guests with a superior experience, save you energy and money while making your hotel processes more efficient. What’s not to love about that?

We’ll leave you with this message of encouragement to show IoT the love. As the song goes:

Please don’t miss this train at the station
‘Cause if you miss it, I feel sorry, sorry for you.