EcoGuard Smart Outlet

The EcoGuard is a versatile and integral part of the EcoSmart energy management system. This IoT device has the ability to monitor and provide remote access to stop the flow of power to one or both outlets, turning off lamps, televisions, appliances, and any other energy-consuming loads.

Intelligent Lighting and Standard Load Control with EcoSmart

Installed in new construction or using the wiring already in place in existing buildings, the flush-mounted EcoGuard energy management outlet can control lighting and standard loads using commands from an EcoSmart thermostat or occupancy sensor, a Property Management System, a schedule, or a manual command.

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Key Features of the EcoGuard

Available with a dual outlet

Available in 120V configuration

Able to curtail load via EcoCentral

Two LEDs communicate outlet status

Member of the ZigBee® Alliance

FCC Certified

UL Certified

Smart Energy Management

Data Monitoring and Reporting

In addition to providing advanced energy management capability, the EcoGuard has a built- in true power meter to provide energy usage data previously available only from expensive metering devices. The EcoGuard monitors cost, voltage, amperage, kWh, and other metrics at 15-minute intervals.

Learn more about EcoSmart's data reporting capabilities


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