The EcoInsight+ is a smart thermostat that serves as an energy management system and room automation controller; saving energy and maximizing guest comfort. The EcoInsight+ features advanced occupancy, light and humidity sensing; providing all expected functionality from a networked energy management thermostat for enhanced HVAC optimization.

Intelligent Automation

The EcoInsight+, a smart thermostat and room automation controller within the EcoSmart energy management platform. This Zigbee HA (Home Automation) compliant device simplifies 3rd party integration by serving as a ZigBee-enabled router, communicating wirelessly with the other EcoSmart devices in the network.

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Key Features of the EcoInsight+

Compatible across most HVAC systems

Contains built-in occupancy sensor calibrated to extreme sensitivity

ZigBee HA Compliant

Proprietary Recovery Time Technology

Networked or stand-alone operations

Full remote control capability with any web browser via our EcoCentral web application

ZigBee compatible and ZigBee enabled router within the EcoSmart platform

2 configurable soft-buttons

Smart Energy Management

Extreme Compatibility

Designed with flexibility in mind, the EcoInsight+ is highly compatible across systems. It has over 125 field-configurable settings to control HVAC efficiency & is proven to be compatible with most HVAC systems, such as: PTACs (packaged terminal air conditioners), fan coils, heat pumps, split systems, and more. Setup is simple and fast with its software-based relay control and fan speed configuration. The UL listing & the various power input options make the EcoInsight+ a versatile HVAC controller for most integrated systems.

Beyond Temperature Control

With the EcoInsight you get more than just a thermostat, you get a networked edge processor with a generous number of input & output options. Up to three Current Transformer (CT) inputs can be used to measure and log current.Two external temperature inputs can be used to monitor remote temperature, two dry contact pairs are available for door contacts or integration with third party building controls & finally 2 variable outputs are included for control of lighting, fans or valves, making the EcoInsight+ a fit for the basic to the most complicated installations.

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