EcoSwitch Smart Light Switch

With the appearance of a traditional light switch and powerful energy management capabilities, the EcoSwitch is an essential addition to a comprehensive building efficiency strategy. Turning lights off uses less energy than leaving lights on when a room is unoccupied.The EcoSwitch stops the flow of electricity to lights; conserving electricity that would have been wasted on an unoccupied space. The EcoSwitch is simple; it operates as a standard light switch, yet it has sophisticated energy management and reporting capability. The EcoSwitch is ideal to improve a facility’s efficiency and sustainability efforts.

Intelligent Lighting Control for Increased Efficiency

Installed in new construction or using the wiring already in place in existing buildings, the flush mounted EcoSwitch energy management light switch can control lighting with commands from an EcoSmart thermostat or occupancy sensor, a Property Management System, a schedule, or a manual command. The EcoSwitch has the ability to significantly reduce energy consumption while operating seamlessly as a normal light switch.

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Key Features of the EcoSwitch

Built-in flash memory for data logging

Compact size fits standard electrical box

Integrates with Property Management Systems

ZigBee® Certified

FCC Certified

UL Certified

Smart Energy Management

Innovative Metering and Reporting

The EcoSwitch reports detailed statistics back to the EcoCentral cloud-based facility management platform to allow the monitoring of accurate energy usage details and real-time savings information. The EcoSwitch has a built-in true power meter to monitor cost, voltage, amperage,kWh,and other metrics at 15-minute intervals.


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