EcoSwitch+ Smart Light Switch

The EcoSwitch+ smart light switch provides the aesthetics of standard light switches with advanced energy management capability. Using IoT, the EcoSwitch+ is used to significantly reduce energy consumption while operating seamlessly a normal light switch. A key component in a comprehensive building efficiency strategy.

Intelligent Lighting Control for Increased Efficiency

The flush-mounted EcoSwitch+ energy management light switch can control lighting with commands from an EcoSmart thermostat or occupancy sensor, a Property Management System, a schedule, or by manual command. It is simple to use, operating as a standard switch, yet providing sophisticated energy management capability.

Key Features of the EcoSwitch

FCC Certified

UL Certified

Integrates with Property Management Systems

ZigBee® Certified

White and light almond paddle included in every package

Compact size fits standard electrical box

New and Existing Construction

The EcoSwitch+ is ideal for introducing IoT to improve a facility’s efficiency and sustainability efforts. Install in new construction or use the wiring already in place in existing buildings.

Multi-Switch Operation

The EcoSwitch+ Add-On must be used with an EcoSwitch+. The smart switch or dimmer and as many as four add-on switches can be linked for up to a 6-way operation. The EcoSwitch+ Add-On is not a standalone device. Easily replace any in-wall control in a multi-switch configuration to remotely turn ON/OFF and set programs for a wide range of fixtures. The EcoSwitch+ Add-On also, supports 120VAC and 277VAC for universal use in a variety of systems.


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