Reliable and redundant networking provides effective network communications in any energy management environment. The Gateway serves as an integrated energy management coordinator of the devices connected to the ZigBee network, managing approximately 50-100 thermostats.

Easy Configuration Provides Fast Installation

The Gateway provides multiple interfaces for its settings configuration. Setup may be performed with a crossover network cable or serial cable using either a built-in web-server or standard serial command line interface (CLI).To simplify the setup, each Gateway may be setup to receive IP address information from an EcoCommander gateway.

Key Features of the Gateway

Simple web configuration and reporting tools, IP-enabled for easy management

Creates a ZigBee® Personal Area Network

Communicates wirelessly with other EcoSmart products to ensure the highest energy savings

Easy installation and maintenance

Smart Energy Management

Proven Savings

Telkonet’s energy efficiency products have been proven in over 250,000 rooms across Hospitality, Education, Military, and Health Care markets.The power and intelligence behind the Gateway make it an ideal fit for a number of applications, including residential and office complex space. New opportunities for efficiency in HVAC are constantly uncovered with the wide array of support the EcoConnect provides.

Reliable and Redundant Networking

This device is a requirement when creating a wireless network of any ZigBee-enabled EcoSmart products. The Gateway functions as a coordinator of a ZigBee Personal Area Network (PAN).The Gateway establishes the wireless channel and PAN identification that a group of EcoSmart products will join. Each EcoConnect device forms a reliable redundant mesh topology between all ZigBee-enabled EcoSmart products within its wireless range.To simplify the network for large buildings, it’s not necessary for the Gateway to connect to every device on its PAN but can rely on each device within its network to direct communications to the next device on the network.

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