Telkonet METUS VRF Integration

Telkonet Mitsubishi Electric Trane US VRF Integration allows for dedicated, distributed management and control of the METUS VRF indoor unit, allowing for automated energy savings.

Standards-Based Communication to Grow On

The Telkonet METUS VRF Integration is mounted next to the METUS VRF indoor unit for physical control of the HVAC system. The Telkonet METUS VRF Integration communicates with the EcoAir, EcoTouch+, or other compatible Zigbee remote interfaces. Additionally, the Telkonet METUS VRF Integration can inter-operate by utilizing a building’s direct digital control (DDC) or building automation systems (BAS) and communicating with industry standards such as BACnet.

EcoCentral, IoT, Internet of Things, EMS, Energy Management Systems

Key Features of the Mitsubishi VRF Controller

Compatible with Mitsubishi VRF CITY MULTI Systems; easily installed and programmed

Optional IP network

Proprietary Recovery Time Technology Networked or stand-alone operations

Full remote control capability with any web browser via our EcoCentral platform

Communicates wirelessly with other EcoSmart products to ensure the highest energy savings

Smart Energy Management

PMS Integration

In the hospitality market, we are PMS integration leaders. The Telkonet METUS VRF Integration can be integrated into practically any PMS system. As soon as a guest checks in (“Sold”), the EcoSmart system will prompt the HVAC unit to begin heating or cooling the room to achieve the indoor environment selected by the property when they enter. When a guest checks out (“Unsold”), the EcoSmart system prompts the HVAC unit to enter a deep setback mode with an extended recovery time, offering considerable energy savings.

Efficient HVAC Operation While Away

The EcoSmart system is designed to provide building operators with efficiency in the performance of their HVAC systems at a fraction of the normal installation cost. It achieves efficiency by allowing granular control over available setpoint ranges, mode selections, setback temperature limits, and data from interconnected systems such as a hotel’s property management system or time-of-day utility pricing data.

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