EcoSmart Energy Management App

Telkonet's mobile application saves energy by allowing tenants to use their smart phones to monitor & automatically control their Telkonet smart thermostats, outlets and light switches.

Automated Energy Savings 

Residences are vacant as much as 60% of every day. HVAC & lighting are two of the largest uncontrolled operating expenses, making them PRIME targets for cost reductions.

The EcoSmart Mobile app uses mobile geolocation technology and cloud services to more accurately predict when a unit is occupied or unoccupied. When a tenant leaves the building, the EcoSmart products can immediately reduce consumption for increased energy savings. EcoSmart Mobile can further automate energy savings by allowing tenants to easily set up their 7-day schedules, perhaps by lowering the temperature when they sleep at night.

Increased Tenant Satisfaction

Nobody likes returning to a cold home in the winter, or a hot home in the summer. EcoSmart Mobile has been shown to increase tenant satisfaction by giving them the ability to control their thermostat and other appliances from anywhere in the world using their smartphone. In just a few taps, the tenant can pre-heat or pre-cool their home when returning from a long trip.

By engaging the tenants in your sustainability initiatives, they can be part of the solution. By displaying real-time energy information at their fingertips, EcoSmart Mobile can encourage your tenants to reduce their carbon footprint.

Designed for Scalability

As part of the EcoSmart platform, EcoSmart Mobile is ideal for projects ranging from duplexes to large condominium complexes. Our scalable network solution integrates with the EcoCentral web dashboard for building-level monitoring & control.

As the building owner or manager, YOU have the ultimate control. Decide how much control to give the tenants based on what factors impact your business the most. It’s your decision whether to maximize savings or to maximize comfort.

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