Predictive Maintenance

Are you like most building managers? Have you been scheduling preventative maintenance tasks for years? It makes sense. You’re prolonging the life of your equipment. Plus you’ve minimized guest/occupant complaints . You know the complaints. They derive from unplanned service issues. You probably schedule preventative maintenance every quarter or every other quarter. Maybe even less frequently. I bet it has worked out well for you.

How about predictive maintenance? Have you begun using it? It takes preventative maintenance one step further. Using sensor data, it recognizes hazardous trends. Then it sends alerts before an issue escalates.

“Maybe a room air conditioning system isn’t working correctly”, explains Jerry Dallaire, owner of Custom Energy Solutions. “The system will send an alert to hotel staff. It can be fixed while the guest is away from the room, before the problem is even recognized.”

Predictive maintenance can even help your team work more efficiently. Create maintenance schedules based on actual usage.  Think battery and air filter replacements. Then ditch the arbitrary calendar date.


Hotels are beginning to use these predictive technologies to conserve water and prevent water-related damage. The average cost of a leaky toilet in New York is approximately $2.74 per day.  This excludes the costly task of repairing water damage.

By measuring usage on the water lines with low-cost water meters, you could see a return on your investment in less than 5 years. You know the saying, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Energy Management Systems

Do you have a sunny and a shady side of your building? Maybe in the summer the HVAC systems on the sunny side are working way harder than on the shady side. An energy management system can show you which HVAC systems are working the hardest. That way you can periodically swap them out with systems that don’t work as hard.

How Will YOU Benefit from “Big Data”?

An EMS collects loads of valuable data about the systems at your property. Work smarter by harnessing “big data”:

  • save money
  • save man hours
  • save your equipment

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