Hotel Energy Management

Hotels spend roughly $7.5 billion on energy expenditures every year, yet the typical hotel room is vacant approximately 70 percent of an average day. Lighting and HVAC costs represent two of the largest uncontrolled operating expenses, but they don't need to be, if you have a hotel energy management system.

The EcoSmart intelligent automation platform allows you to develop and deploy targeted solutions that dramatically reduce energy consumption, improve operation efficiency with truly measurable results and create a more luxurious customer experience.

EcoSmart Mobile Hospitality App

As travelers become more tech savvy, they expect their travel experiences to follow suit. Today's hotel guest brings an average of three connected devices with them during their stay. This is a great opportunity to tap into their already existing habits that will provide a more engaged experience.

That's where EcoSmart Mobile comes into play. Working in conjunction with the EcoSmart platform, the app literally puts the controls in the guests' hands. The app can also be designed to easily integrate with your existing guest loyalty app, providing a seamless interaction with the hotel branded content. To top it off, you can pre-program rooms to a loyal guest's specific setting during their stays and potentially capture an even more loyal customer.

World-class performance

More hotels are investing in sustainable hotel room management. EcoSmart devices are installed in more than 300,000 guest rooms across the globe.

See how the Crowne Plaza Times Square reduced energy costs by 24 percent.