University Energy Management

Colleges and universities spend about $14 billion on energy expenditures every year. But a typical dorm room is vacant roughly 70 percent of an average day. With the right school energy management system, these expenses - both in energy and actual costs - can be greatly reduced.

EcoSmart Mobile Student App

Less than 20 percent of dorm rooms offer occupant controls. But competition to retain students has never been stronger. With EcoSmart Mobile, students not only have the opportunity to increase comfort, but schools can automate savings.

Students can use their smartphones to adjust temperature, turn on/off lights or outlets with the touch of a button. So, when a student goes home unexpectedly for the weekend, they can make temperature adjustments - remotely.

The app also allows students to enter programmable schedules and enable geolocation triggers on their smartphone. This way, when a student walks back into his or her dorm room, the EcoSmart Mobile app will automatically notify the thermostat to begin heating or cooling the room for maximum comfort. When the student heads out again, the lights will automatically turn off to maximize the energy savings.