The Managed HSIA Solution

We offer a complete package of services required for quality wired and wireless high-speed Internet access (HSIA). Our dedicated employees conduct site surveys, install equipment and provide service after installation with onsite and remote support. Our team of support technicians is knowledgeable and well trained, so users can rely on an in-house managed HSIA to provide rapid, friendly assistance for any issue.

Seamless Gateway Integration

The EthoStream Gateway Server line of gateway devices integrates easily with any combination of wide area network connections including DSL, cable, and wireless networks.

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Dedicated Installation & Service

We design and develop products and services in-house instead of outsourcing. This ensures that technicians have the ability to efficiently install and program the EthoStream hardware.

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Management Made Easy

Our Remote Management Console is one of the first managed HSIA solutions to integrate cutting-edge hardware with an insightful reporting and management system.

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Proactive Customer Support

Our 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in-house HSIA solutions support center provides a proactive approach. By monitoring the network status and initiating necessary repair solutions, our customers can enjoy an uninterrupted high-speed Internet experience.

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Stellar Support. Qualified Service. It's What We Do.

"Just wanted to send a quick e-mail to commend David on his amazing service the other day. I was skeptical to even call in for help, as my experience with technical support has been weak at best! David was knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. I was incredibly impressed."

-Sherry C.