The Total Solution

EthoStream - the hospitality gateway server line of hospitality Wi-Fi solutions  integrates easily with any combination of wide area network connections including DSL, cable, and wireless networks. Robust and flexible, our hospitality gateway line can support a variety of applications, including guest high-speed access, conference access, surveillance, point-of-sale terminals, and security.

State-of-the-Art Features

As the first high-speed Internet access provider with integrated dual WAN access, our hardware and software remain on the cutting edge:

  • Branded Landing Pages: When users request permission to use the Internet, a landing page is the first thing they see. Branding this page with unique property information, such as name, logo, and color scheme, will let guests know they are connecting to the Internet safely and securely.
  • Customizable Bandwidth Tiers: Property management can up-sell bandwidth to users prepared to pay for additional speed, which can be utilized to watch sporting events online, download music, or use applications like Skype. This generates revenue for a property and gives bandwidth-hungry guests superior performance--all while ensuring that high-bandwidth users won't impact the network speed for other users.
  • Simplified Management Options: Our Bandwidth Management System automatically detects and penalizes users who abuse the Internet. If users violate the Acceptable Use Policy, the system will automatically reduce the amount of bandwidth they receive. As soon as the user stops abusing the network, they will begin to earn back their bandwidth.
  • Industry Standard Features: other standard features include:
    • VPN Support
    • SMTP Email Relay
    • P2P Filtering
    • Virus Scanning
    • Active Firewall

The EthoStream Gateway Server Product Line

The EthoStream Gateway Server (EGS) product line provides a simple all-in-one solution for Internet access and creates a productive work environment for your users. Our diverse offering of hospitality Wi-Fi products range from the EGS Lite, a cost-effective gateway to support limited-use locations, to the EGS Pro Dual, a device capable of eliminating network downtime.

Not sure if the EGS Pro Series or the EGS v4.0 will best meet the needs of your property?

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EGS Pro Series

We designed the EGS Pro Series to meet the needs of larger properties or properties with very high Internet usage. This model has been deployed in properties up to 1500 guest rooms with over 70,000 square feet of meeting space.

EGS Pro Models

EGS v4.0 Series

The EGS v4.0 is our industry-leading hospitality gateway. Developed in cooperation with our customers and designed to meet all existing franchise standards, the EGS v4.0 provides all necessary functionality and security for a hospitality high-speed Internet solution.

EGS Pro Models

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"We have utilized EthoStream for most of our network needs across our Branded and Oak Tree Inn hotels for many years. EthoStream has provided excellent support for both our guests, and supporters. The solutions they have provided have been flexible based on the specific needs of the hotel, and their technology solutions have been excellent. We would recommend them to anyone with HSIA needs."

Mark Abbot - Director of Technology
ONE Hospitality Group