Case Study – Waikiki Beach hotel

"Previously, this property had no EMS system in place. We had guests who kept the air conditioning blasting and the lanai doors wide open. The EcoSmart system has helped us tremendously in that respect. When guests open the lanai door, the air conditioning turns off. We advise them of that upon check-in."
Stephen W. - Regional Director of Engineering - Waikiki Beach hotel


Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Customer Challenges

  • High cost of utilities
  • Doors and windows left open
  • Ineffective PMS integration

Product(s) Used

EcoSmart Energy Management

Annual Energy Savings


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Lanai Open Status

The EcoSmart Energy Management solution used by this property includes EcoContacts installed on the lanai doors. When a lanai door is left open, the EcoContact alerts the EcoSmart system, which in turn turns off the air conditioning. Later, when the lanai door is closed, a new message to our intelligent thermostat triggers the air conditioning to turn on.

Occupancy Sensing

Stephen had previous experience with a competitor’s energy management system.
“We had issues with the occupancy sensors. We’d get a lot of calls in the middle of the night, ‘I was asleep and my air conditioner turned off’. And at that point we would abandon the EMS system for the duration of their stay just to appease the guest. With EcoSmart, we don’t have that issue.”

Now this hotel uses the EcoAir built-in occupancy sensors, and in their larger rooms they added EcoSense occupancy sensors. EcoSmart occupancy sensors are calibrated to extreme sensitivity and can detect occupancy even if a guest is sleeping or near motionless.

PMS Integration

Stephen continues, “that other system was unreliable. It wasn’t always communicating with the PMS when the guest checked in.”
The EcoSmart Energy Management system can effectively communicate with the hotel’s PMS system. That means a guest’s room can begin its return to setpoint at time of check in. The temperature will likely be comfortable by the
time they arrive in their rooms. As an option, your guests can be greeted with a “welcome” lighting scene.

Energy Savings

Stephen says the EcoSmart system “has been a great energy saver. We are saving roughly 24% on our utility bills since implementing the EcoSmart system. That’s amazing, especially with the high cost of electricity and utilities in general in Hawaii.
“It’s been great for us. Our ownership sees that and they appreciate it. That’s why these ROI projects have become so important.”

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