Case Study: Hotel Espresso

"Any hotel who is not using an energy management solution such as Telkonet’s EcoSmartPlatform is not being efficient and is leaving money on the table."
David D’Agata - Hotel Espresso


Montreal, QC, CA

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Hotel Espresso is a downtown Montreal hotel featuring 205 guest rooms. They pride themselves on providing their guests warm hospitality. However, guest comfort can come at a price.

The Problem

In 2013, Hotel Espresso faced high monthly utility costs, and they needed to lower in-room energy consumption and reduce their utility expenses. One alternative was replacing their HVAC systems with more energy-efficient units. This was a costly venture.

As David D’Agata, Manager of Hotel Espresso’s Department of Housekeeping and Maintenance explains, “we hired an engineer to conduct a study to see if there were viable solutions that could help us resolve our problem. He presented us with three options. One of those options was Telkonet’s EcoSmart platform. We determined this was the best-suited one for our property.”

The Solution

Hotel Espresso chose the EcoSource HVAC and room automation controllers, paired with the EcoAir thermostat user interfaces. Their EcoSmart platform included a subscription to Telkonet’s EcoCentral cloud monitoring and control software.

Hotel Espresso took advantage of EcoCentral “Profiles”, so that HVAC modes would change based on the season of the year. They chose to interface EcoCentral with their PMS system, so profiles would also change based on whether rooms were “sold”, “unsold” or “VIP”.

Smooth Installation

D’Agata explains that the installation process went smoothly, “We found that the local Telkonet partner was a real help in getting the project off the ground. And we found the people at Telkonet were amazing, especially the installer who came onsite for the installation.”

The Results

Hotel Espresso reduced their utility bills by roughly 40%. D’Agata is pleased. “EcoSmart has helped significantly reduce our energy costs. We are happy with the results and [Telkonet] will definitely be considered on future projects in other properties.”

Favorite Features

“My favorite features are the email alerts for lost communication and low battery in the thermostats. Also the VIP profile that we created to override settings to accommodate guests who requested it.”

Down the Road

“We would like to continue integrating new products which can help us be more efficient. We hope to integrate smart lighting in the near future.”

Good news, David, we have an interface for that!

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