Case Study – New York University Dormitories

"Not only are we committed to ambitious goals in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but the campus is on track to be 40% larger by 2031, so we need to do everything we can to save every penny. Reducing energy costs with SmartEnergy, and later, EcoSmart, Telkonet’s next-generation energy management technology, provided NYU with an option we could implement immediately. At this point, NYU is well on its way to meeting our carbon reduction goals and becoming a leader in energy reduction not only for the city of New York, but also as a model for urban areas and universities all over the world."
Dianne Anderson, Sustainable Resources Manager, New York University


New York University

Customer Challenges

  • Find an energy management system to function in multiple buildings of different ages with unique room layouts and varied heating/cooling systems
  • Increase thermal comfort and control for students
  • Reduce energy usage to minimize campus carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals

Product(s) Used

EcoSmart Energy Management

Annual Energy Savings


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Finding a Solution

Faced with rising energy costs and new commitments to become a model for campus energy efficiency,  New York University required an energy management system that would minimize energy usage, upgrade the dormitory experience for students, and provide ease-of-use for the maintenance department.  With an astronomical 96.5% of the university’s energy used for heating, cooling, and powering buildings, NYU needed a solution.

Challenge 1: Adapt to Several Unique Buildings

The residence halls at NYU include newer high-rise dormitories as well as converted apartment complexes and former hotels. Several different systems heat and cool each building, including PTACs, fan coil systems, and water source heat pumps. Retrofitting the heating and cooling equipment for energy efficiency required an adaptable solution. Dianne Anderson, Sustainable Resources Manager at NYU, appreciated the flexibility of Telkonet’s technology. “The adaptability of both EcoSmart™ and SmartEnergy™ proved invaluable when it came to retrofitting multiple buildings with significantly different heating and cooling systems,” Anderson said. “The technology itself is sophisticated – but Telkonet has made its operation incredibly simple and user-friendly.”

Challenge 2: Provide Students with an Improved Resident Experience

Before the installation of EcoSmart or SmartEnergy technology, building managers at NYU’s residence halls had to rely on student complaints for alerts about down equipment, and achieved energy savings only by shutting the system off for the entire building based on outside temperature. With the installation of a networked energy management system, facility managers gained access to EcoCentral Virtual Engineer, which gives them the ability to view energy usage, remotely determine a room’s occupancy status, and change temperature settings with the click of a mouse.


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