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The EcoTouch+ wireless thermostats offer flexible energy savings solution with a sleek, ultra-thin and modern design.

The EcoTouch+ is wireless, allowing the thermostat to be placed anywhere in the room and to be easily moved.

• Humidity Controls are Standard

• Best-in-class built-in occupancy sensors

We Rule Humidity

Revolutionary humidity controls are a standard feature on all Telkonet thermostats.  Keeping humidity at optimal levels without inconveniencing your guests; while proactively maintaining a humidity level that ensures occupant comfort and environment health, is key to our success. 

When a room is unoccupied, our “Refresh Cycle” directs the HVAC system to drive humidity to your preference by lowering the temperature to the optimal level of humidity removal. Upon the guests return, the temperature quickly returns to their preferred set point.

Get a Rebate

15+ years of data is at our finger tips, and that data is a key piece for lucrative utility rebates and incentives. Data is a valuable tool in the rebate process, and your utility provider is going to perform a diligent review of projections and verify measurement and verification analysis before approving your rebate request. 

Good thing EcoCentral collects data on energy expenditure from every area of the country, every climate, every city we’ve installed within. We have all the data needed, and accepted by utility providers. Ensuring our customers have a better chance at qualifying for any potential rebates.

EcoSmart in Hospitality

“Telkonet is one of the leaders in our industry, providing virtually seamless integrations among IoT devices in hospitality. From smart thermostats and occupancy detectors, to integrations with major lock providers, PMS systems and beyond, Telkonet has their finger on the pulse of the future of IoT in the hospitality.”
Mike Blake, CEO
Hospitality Technology Next Generation

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