Telkonet Energy Saving Tips

Energy Savings Tips to
Assist in Saving Money

Whether you have a networked or stand-alone Telkonet Energy Management System, there are some relatively simple things an owner or operator can do to ‘Lighten the Load’.

The Savings Start with Networked Systems

With a networked EcoSmart Solution, building operators will have access to EcoCentral, a cloud-based platform from which they can monitor and make settings changes to the complete energy management system. 

Stand-Alone Systems Save

Most information provided herein applies to non-networked energy management systems. However, in order to make the necessary changes in a non-networked environment, Telkonet can provide you with an electronic file. You will need to upload this file to individual thermostats by connecting each thermostat to the EcoSmart Serial Utility (ESU), a software program available from Telkonet, on your laptop computer using an EcoSmart data cable

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