Telkonet Property Wide

Telkonet Property Wide 

Now is the time to take control of skyrocketing energy costs.

If you manage residential properties (MDU’s, student housing, senior living
centers, etc.) featuring unitary HVAC
controls, we can help harness the power of
unscheduled occupancy to save energy. 

Who is Telkonet?​​

Telkonet allows residents to manage their living area with a connected environment, from HVAC to outlets and beyond. Manage your property’s technology remotely and efficiently with Telkonet’s cloud-based property dashboard with unprecedented room level controls. 

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Here's how it works:

Tenants use in-room thermostats to control their HVAC units. These thermostats are added to the EcoSmart energy management platform. The system is controlled by the building manager or maintenance engineer, who can program maximum and minimum setbacks, initiate demand response actions, and control humidity and a slew of other maintenance and control settings.

Telkonet’s energy management platform allows you to maintain occupant comfort and realize maximum room-by-room energy savings.

Secure Network

Telkonet’s EcoSmart IoT devices feature the Zigbee wireless communication technology. Zigbee IoT devices operate securely, invisibly, and unobtrusively with other common wireless networks such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular phones, and other wireless signals often found in buildings. This allows Telkonet’s devices to exist outside your current bandwidth, preventing network overcrowding.

Streamlined Maintenance

Telkonet’s cloud-based network gives you a unique room-level view. Troubleshooting and corrective action can be done remotely, without bothering residents. View the thermostat display remotely, and even make changes to it from wherever you are. The property manager has remote control of all units’ HVAC and other connected IoT devices, allowing control over temperature setpoints. Even get alerts to prevent problems such as freezing pipes. 

Telkonet’s EcoCentral cloud-based energy management dashboard can help you plan maintenance visits across entire properties based on reports of poorly functioning HVAC systems, battery levels, even current occupancy.

Humidity Monitoring and Control

Humidity sensors are standard on all Telkonet thermostats for remote monitoring of humidity levels, room-by-room. Telkonet’s EcoSmart platform is designed to control humidity using most HVAC types, even those not designed for humidity control.

Ultimate Control, Remotely

Telkonet can help lower energy bills, maintain a positive resident experience, and improve the efficiency of your daily operations.

With EcoSmart mobile, your tenants can monitor and control their thermostats from anywhere in the world. It can also employ geofencing, a feature that can identify when a tenant is away and will automatically set back the temperature. When the tenant is returning, the temperature begins its return to set point.

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