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Customer FIRST puts our focus and energies on the customer. Each customer is our FIRST priority, from our in-house team of technical support professionals ready to take calls and respond to needs, to using customer solutions to drive our newest innovations forward.

FIRST stands for:

Flexibility and Scalability

Telkonet’s EcoSmart platform was the first to provide a universally flexible and scalable comprehensive energy management system for your hospitality environment. Technology compatibility and innovation are core requirements; Telkonet’s goal is to offer an evolutionary and extensible solution for all your needs.

Integration and innovation

If guest experience and a compressive automation environment are key to your strategic plans, Telkonet’s EcoSmart platform offers numerous partners and integrated platforms ranging from media, voice, lighting, shading, security and more. With an eye to the future, we offer virtually endless possibilities for your properties with the most robust third-party integrations available.


We use automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor your system’s reliability, and harness artificial intelligence to provide a real-time view, tracking performance and identifying failures as they happen. All of our software, firmware, and hardware is engineered in the U.S. by Telkonet to ensure high standards for quality and reliability.

Sustainability and Support

Our concentration on fiscally responsible Energy Management, strikes the right balance between your company’s financial bottom-line and overall impact on people and the planet. Our in-house team of technical support professionals is ready to take calls and respond to needs 24/7.


Full transparency is the hallmark of a valued partner and a staple of Telkonet’s business. Complete access to all data and analytics enables third party verification and complete customer management of end goals and savings.

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