Touchless Technology Trends-2021

NPR reports that in a recent survey from the U.S. Travel Association, almost two-thirds of Americans said they “desperately” needed a vacation after the last year. With vaccinations and accumulated paid time off, many of them just might get one. 

We’ve gathered some of the most popular trends in hospitality technology this year as our industry slowly crawls out of our pandemic foxhole. Guests will be cautious in terms of their safety. That’s why touchless technology is the theme of 2021. From check-in to check out, guests can enjoy a “clean” hands-off experience.

Some brands, like Hilton, offer digital guest check-in so that guests can avoid face-to-face interaction altogether. Guests can even choose their rooms, much the same as flyers choose their airplane seats. Keyless entry, like the technology offered by Assa Abloy and their Mobile Keys Platform, helps streamline the check-in process and avoid face-to-face contact.

We love the idea of voice-activated technology like the ones from Angie and Volara, both of which happen to interface with Telkonet devices. Guests can use voice activation to interact with in-room smart devices to adjust room temperature, turn on and off lights, and change the Do Not Disturb/Makeup Room signage.

After check-in, guests can enjoy a touchless room service experience with robots. (!) Yotel calls their resident robot “Yo2D2”. They claim it loves to chat and that it can deliver “extra amenities right to your door.” 

Wireless charging mats have found their way from our homes to our hotel rooms, like the ones from Chargifi, for recharging mobile devices and headphones. Set your device on the mat, pick it up later, and it’s fully charged.

Are you familiar with the term “NFC”, or “Near Field Communication”? NFC is a set of communication protocols for communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4 cm  (1 -1/2 inches) or less. Think Apple Pay.  Hotels are now upgrading their payment technology to include NFC.

“Concierge” is taking on a whole new meaning with technology like HiJiffy, which calls itself a chatbot. HiJiffy operates on a variety of platforms like What’s App and Facebook Messenger and can provide automated messages in response to guests’ questions. It can route the guest to a human if it cannot provide an answer. Plus, HiJiffy can gather data and issue reports on guest interactions.

We like the idea of hotels offering QR codes. Sometimes guests are simply not interested in downloading a loyalty app for just one stay, and QR codes posted throughout the property and even in guest rooms can provide helpful information. They can even hook a guest up with a hotel representative in real-time.

With technology developed by Enseo called enseoCONNECT, guests can control the TV, thermostat, lights, and more from the convenience of their own smartphones. Enseo is a hospitality platform with four core products: in-room entertainment, high-speed internet, energy management, and room control. The beauty of IoT (the Internet of Things) is that so much of this technology can interface with each other with standard communication protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and BLE. If you’re curious about technology and integrations, get in touch with us. We can help you explore the possibilities at your property.

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