Women’s Safety and How Your Property Can Respond

Women’s safety has been in the news a lot lately.

Whether your property is student housing, hospitality, MDU, or even military barracks, trust that your female residents have safety concerns.

First, whatever your market is, know that your property IS affected by this.

One of the many points of vulnerability for women is arriving at their rooms. Their DARK rooms. A woman arriving at a dark living space can be a scary and risky proposition.

Here’s where energy management and occupancy sensing come in. Upon arrival, lights can be programmed to automatically turn on. They open their door and lights are already lit and illuminate the area.

In fact, safety concerns should reach beyond your residents and guests, to your employees, like those in housekeeping. Entering lit rooms is a major safety feature.


It’s common for women to immediately check for intruders in closets, under beds, in shower stalls, and behind curtains. In your EMS design, you can proactively trigger lights to turn on in these areas. You can even trigger draperies to open.

In hotels, if the energy management system is integrated with a property management system, rooms can display “welcome scenes” upon check in before guests even open their doors.

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